Organization attempts to curb smoking among youth

TV Hagenah

According to high school instructor Antonio Pacheco the Tucumcari High/Middle school organization “Too Smart to Smoke” is off to a good start this year. Group members have high hopes and plans for the upcoming school year.
Pacheco said the purpose of the organization is to communicate all of the negative aspects of using a drug such as tobacco.

He said the point of the group is to explain “the short and long term negative physiologic and social consequences of tobacco use.” To accomplish that Pacheco said the five junior high age students will make presentations to the elementary schools while the 10 high school members will make presentations to Tucumcari Middle School.
Pacheco said the young people going to the other schools will function as something of “peer educators.”

“Our task force mission,” said Pacheco, “is to educate students about the short and long term negative effects of tobacco.” The high school instructor said most of the planning for the different presentations by the students comes at monthly meetings. Students are paid $10 per meeting and per completed event.