Hospital gets new top administrator

TV Hagenah

As the staff of the Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital wished good-bye to administrator Hoyt Skabelund Monday afternoon, they also said hello to the interim administrator for the hospital, D. Rush.

“Tucumcari is very lucky to get someone of the caliber of D.” said Skabelund about his temporary replacement who will be holding down the administrative position for roughly two to three months while a nation-wide search is conducted for a permanent replacement. “I’m here until some one is chosen and in place,” said Rush of her tenure in Tucumcari.

The new administrator at Dan C. Trigg said she is very happy at being assigned to Tucumcari because the community and the hospital have a great deal to recommend them to her. “I love the people here and the work ethic. I always have,” said Rush. “The people at the hospital have such a great attitude too. I have enjoyed coming to Tucumcari for a number of years now.”
For five years Rush served on one of the boards that oversaw Trigg Memorial Hospital and she said that she always enjoyed coming to Tucumcari.

As a native New Mexican, Rush said probably a great deal of that enjoyment comes from the similarity to her home in Truth or Consequences which was still Hot Springs when she moved there. The life-time medical professional said she has seen a great deal of the state professionally having started out as a nurse in TorC and then going into administration in Albuquerque. She joined the Presbyterian group in 1990 and has worked with them since then.
She has also worked in Gallup, Lovington and a number of other places in the state before she returned to Truth or Consequences two different times to work as that hospital’s administrators. Last year, she retired from the hospital in her hometown to take care of her husband who was mortally ill.

Since moving back to Truth or Consequences in 1996 she and her husband had raised Thoroughbred horses which she has continued to do since his death.
“I love that (raising Thoroughbreds),” said Rush. “I truly do love that.” Rush will be maintaining office hours at Trigg Memorial Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and returning to Truth or Consequences on the other days and keep in touch with the Tucumcari hospital.