City discusses trash

TV Hagenah

Taking a page from the Quay County Commissioners’ book, Tucumcari City Commissiones began discussing trash disposal Tuesday evening. Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose explained to the commissioners that that he anticipated that the move by the county towards privatizing trash pick up in rural parts of Quay County would probably impact the ciy in a number of different ways.

Primrose said that the city would have to become more strict with their enforcement of many of the rules that now exist about dumping and using other peoples dumpsters.
He also said that the city would be regularly opening the landfill on Saturdays, but he added that further the city would have a person present on Saturdays and charging for anyone wanting to dump solid waste there.

Primrose said the charge would be $5 per pickup truckload with a higher charge for trailers full of trash. “We want to make it more acceptable to dump trash” said Primrose, “but there will be no more dumping for free.”
The city manager also pointed out that there would be a special charge for dumping tires which would be on a sliding scale according to the size of the tires.
“It’s getting to the point we have to get serious about this,” said Penrose about trash control. “I have talked to law enforcement and we are going to punish people who dump illegally. We’re going to be cracking down on people using our dumpsters.”

Commissioner Bettee Ditto and Mayor pro tem Antonio Apodaca asked what the private dumping firms were charging county residents and then what the city was charging the dumping firms. Penrose told them that the one firm that he had talked to told him they were charging $30 per dumpster per month. Penrose further said that the city was charging the different professional trash firms $22 per ton of trash.

In other action, the city commissioners voted to “certify recall petitions (for commissioner Jim Witcher) as valid or order an examination of petitions and the names address and signatures on pettition.”
The vote officially calls City Clerk Rachel Hicklin to
“1.) resolve issues of residency and major infractions in accordance with the rules set forth in the Municipal Election Code.
“2.) determine the minium number of valid names, addresses and signatures, as mandated by law, that must be contained in the particular petition filed in order for it to be declare a valid petition.
“3.) examine the petition and the names, addresses and signatures on the petition, purge from the petition the signature of any person who is not shown as a qualified electorof the municipality on the list of registered voters provided by the county clerk, purge any signature wihich is a forgery or which is illegible, purge any signature that appears more than once or which cannot be matched to the name, address and signature as shown on the voter registration lists and the original affidavit of registration, purge the signature of any person who has not signed within the time limits set by law and purge the signature of any person who does not meet the qualifications for signing the petition as prescribed by law.”