Conchas plants, cleans up

TV Hagenah

Conchas Lake State Park saw 97 volunteers come out Saturday, to donate their time to help make that state park look a little better in the future. “I think it was wonderful,” said Park Ranger Julie Stone one of the driving forces behind the event, about the turn out and activity for National Public Lands Day. “We had a great turn out and accomplished quite a bit and everybody seemed to have a great time.”

Stone said that volunteers came from as far away as Albuquerque to take part in the tree and wildflower planting/clean up at the state park. According to the park ranger, Boy Scouts from Albuquerque’s Troop 28 were a key component in the different activities as were members of Santa Rosa FFA and Los Amigos 4-H also from Santa Rosa. “We also had a fantastic turnout from Conchas,” said Stone. “It was very gratifying.” Stone said the different groups planted over 200 pounds of wildflower seeds donated by Curtis and Curtis Seeds of Clovis in addition to planting 25 trees and picking up over 1,200 pounds of roadside trash.
“It all went like clockwork,” said Stone.

Stone said the wildflowers and trees were specially selected to be able to withstand the drought conditions that the area has been dealing with in recent years. She said the trees included mimosa, Arizona Cypress and desert willow.
Following the planting and cleaning up the entire group held a barbecue where participants dined on hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and deserts donated by the Conchas FCE. “A lot of people I talked to said they had a great time,” said Steve Peterson about the response to the activity and one of the other organizers of the event, “and a lot of them said they wanted to come back next year.”

Next year will be the 75th anniversary of the park and Stone said special activities are planned for it.