First Baptist Chruch Round up features fiddler

TV Hagenah

Sunday, Sept. 26 will not be an average Sunday at Tucumcari’s First Baptist Church.

In fact, according to First Baptist Associate Pastor Dan England, Sunday will be something markedly out of the ordinary as the church is conducting their annual Fall Round-up. England said unlike past years, this year there will be a little “something for everyone at the Round-up.”
“We’ve got all kinds of stuff for people of all ages,” said England about the event. “I think people are going to really enjoy this.”

The associate pastor said there would be children’s games, a giant air slide, free ice cream and hot dogs.
In addition to the food and games, England said there will also be free pony rides and a petting zoo. “And that’s not all,” said England about things for older youth and young adults. “We’re also going to have three-on-three basketball and volleyball tournaments and we’re going to have a car bash where everyone can come in an bash a car with a sledge hammer and we’ll have free hamburgers for them.”
He pointed out that both young men and young women can take part in the tournaments

England said there will also be free carry-in dinners for the more mature. “But the capper for the day,” said England about Sunday’s activities, “is our concert with Tom Perry. I’m told he is a wonderful musician and singer. It should really be great.” Perry will perform at the 11 a.m. service of the church and will be featured at the 1 p.m. Western Christian Music Concert. England said the purpose of the day is to share the First Baptist Church with members of the community that might not otherwise come to the church.
“We have fun, we enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs. We enjoy music. Why shouldn’t we share that with others?