New turbines on the way

TV Hagenah

In the space of three months, wind turbines will be sprouting up along the edge of the caprock.

In fact, the initial work has already begun regarding the building of the 80 new turbines to be administered by Cielo Wind Power. According to John Pelczar, of Austin, who will be in charge of the construction phase of the wind farm, the 80-foot tall turbines will be located along the edge of the Caprock for five miles starting at the Caprock Amphitheater.
“That’s where the best wind is,” said Pelczar of the reason for placing the turbines right along the edge of the caprock. “It’s something to do with places like the caprock having consistent, steady winds. That’s what we’re looking for. I don’t know the specifics though. We have meteorologists to tell us that.”

What Pelczar does know is that the home base for the new wind farm the Caprock Amphitheater is bordering on an ideal location for the operation. “This is a wonderful facility,” said Pelczar. “It’s got everything we need. It’s got well water, a septic system electricity – all that stuff.” At this time Pelczar said there are only a handful of employees at the site overlooking San Jon. He said he is renting an apartment in Tucumcari and anticipates that others will do likewise. He suggested that some may chose to live in the motel in San Jon while others may bring fifth-wheel trailers. “One other person is already living in a trailer in Tucumcari,” said Pelczar.

Quay County manager Terry Turner said the 80 new turbines will be good for the county in general and for the communities that come in direct contact with them.
These are welcome additions to our county,” said Turner. “It means we are moving forward. I’m really excited about this.”
Turner said he was especially excited that even though the funding bill is still tied up in Congress, the Cielo Wind Power firm decided to “step up” and start work on the new wind farm. Pelczar said the first 60 turbines would probably be up by January and the final 20 would follow in 2005.