Chamber of Commerce guide nears completion

William Thompson

The Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce will begin sending out a new visitor guide soon that will highlight Tucumcari, Logan and San Jon restaurants, shops and motels. The 16-page color brochure will take the place of Tucumcari magazine which has been the main visitor guide since 2001.

Kim Andrews, assistant to the director of the chamber of commerce, said she has tried to make the new list of motels, shops and restaurants all-inclusive.
“Business owners should contact us as soon as possible if they are unsure if their business is included in the new brochure,” she said. “Businesses that are chamber members will be highlighted in italics inside the brochure. If a business wants to be highlighted in the brochure they need to contact the Chamber of Commerce and become a member.” Andrews wrote most of the text of the brochure which includes area history and facts in addition to area attractions and events. “I did a lot of research on the Internet and I talked to a lot of people,” said Andrews. “This is purely a visitor guide. It actually has more information than the Tucumcari magazine which was also a relocation guide. I have created a separate relocation guide to send to people who request information about moving to Tucumcari.”

Andrews said the new map of Tucumcari inside the brochure is a hit with tourists. “The tourists have said the map is the best they’ve seen because it’s so easy to read.”
Andrews said the brochure will be easier to mail to prospective visitors. “The brochure is small enough to fit into envelopes and it will also be able to fit inside the brochure display racks throughout the state.” The visitor guide includes short passages on Logan, San Jon, Conchas Lake and Ute Lake. It also includes the new Tucumcari logo with the motto, ”Tucumcari tonight, tomorrow and for a lifetime!” The Chamber of Commerce can be reached at 461-1694.