Comcast Cares coming Saturday

TV Hagenah

If last year was any example, a large number of people will be out at the Tucumcari Outdoor Classroom just north of Tucumcari Elementary School Saturday to take part in annual activity of Comcast Cares Day.

According to local Comcast Office Manager Frederick Dominguez, 2004 will be the fourth year for the event in Tucumcari and he is looking forward to it. “It’s very important to us,” said Dominguez about Comcast Cares Day. “This gives us a chance to help Tucumcari in a way that means something.” What it means, according to Dominguez who has been involved with the Comcast Cares Day all four years of its existences in Tucumcari, is an investment in the city’s children. He said with the Outdoor Classroom, the children of Tucumcari have a chance to learn about nature while actually being there with it only a few steps from their regular classroom “It (the Outdoor Classroom) is such a wonderful tool for learning,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez said that he is uncertain just how many people will be coming out to take part in the combination tree planting and general fixing up of the facility. “Last year we had a great turnout,” said Dominguez about the numbers involved. “We had about 65 people or so. I would love to have that again this year.” On Monday, Dominguez found out that Comcast was going to have help with getting higher numbers of people out helping with the day. Since Tucumcari’s Trek for Trash was rained out on the previous Saturday, the organizers of that activity said they would shift their focus to the following Saturday and help with the Comcast Cares Day.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” said Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce’s Kim Andrews. “Besides, it is a good cause and the ‘more the merrier’. Also this way everyone will get two t-shirts – one from Comcast and one from us.” Lori Pacheco of the local Comcast office, is looking forward to Saturday since it will be her initial time to take part in the activity. “Yes, I am looking forward to helping out with some of the work that needs to be done.” said Pacheco. “It should be an interesting new experience.”