Logan offers special program

TV Hagenah and William Thompson

Logan Schools is looking to break the stereotype that states smaller school are not able to offer special art programs to their students. According to fine art and music instructor Angie Fly at Logan who is coordinator for the program, the school will be offering a special after-school program throughout the school year on Monday through Thursday and all day on Friday.

“What the plan is,” said Fly, “is to provide the local children with a chance to experience a variety of different artistic experiences that they may not otherwise be able to take part in.” Fly said as the after-school activities are planned they will encompass such things as dance, music, sculpture, painting, yoga and crafts.

In fact, Fly said that she anticipates the need for a number of instructors in a variety of artistic and skilled venues.
“We have a need for artists and someone to teach piano and guitar in the after-school program,” said Fly. “We’d like to have someone teach martial arts and we’d also like to have cooking classes.” Fly said since the funding is from a grant the instructors can be expected to receive some pay for their services. The grant that will fund the program comes from a national organization — the 21st Century Community Learning Center.

Superintendent of Logan Schools, Carolyn Franklin, thinks the program is an excellent one. “I am very excited about this and what it can do for our students,” said the superintendent. Fly agreed with her superintendent. “The important things is that this will give young people something to do after school,” said Fly. Fly said 30 students have already signed up for the program which will even have an 9 a.m.-4 p.m. session on Friday. All students who participate will be provided with free snacks and free transportation home. For more information call 487-2252.