San Jon defeats Clovis Christian

William Thompson

The San Jon Coyotes defeated Clovis Christian High School 44-30 at San Jon’s football homecoming Saturday. The Coyotes used a balanced attack in it’s second win in four games. San Jon Coach Eric Rivera said his team is on an upswing. “Our team is improving,” said Rivera. “We try to mix it up with the pass and run. We’re learning who we need to get the ball to.”

Albert Hood caught a number of passes from quarterback Ty Rusk for big yardage, but he wasn’t the only receiver who caught big passes. Will McEntire caught two passes on a big Coyote drive. “We put in some new pass routes for today’s game,” said Coach Rivera, “and they worked. We spread the passes around, so the defense can’t key on just one player.” San Jon’s running game looked sharp throughout the game. Justin Lancaster, Abel Cullum and Jason Bell each had big gains. Lancaster scored the first touchdown in the game and Bell had a 20-yard touchdown run to put the Coyotes up 12-0. Midway into the second quarter Rusk hit Tyler Adams for a 30-yard touchdown pass.
The Coyotes scored twice in the final two minutes of the first half. Rusk connected with Lancaster for a huge touchdown reception to make it 25-6 and then with just 35 seconds left, Rusk tossed to Hood for a 15-yard touchdown.

Up 32-6 in the third quarter, San Jon began to coast a little, allowing some Eagle touchdowns. At one point the Eagles closed to within two touchdowns. With seven minutes left in the game, Trey Rusk ran the ball into the corner of the end zone to put San Jon up 44-24. The game was then out of reach for Clovis Christian. “We made some stupid mistakes in the second half,” said Coach Rivera, “but I’m proud of our guys. We’re now looking to play top-ranked Melrose.”