San Jon faces trash

TV Hagenah

As with almost everyone in Quay County, the pulling out of the trash business by the Quay County Government is impacting the Village of San Jon.

According to San Jon Village Administrator Bobbye Rose, a number of village residents are afraid the county getting out of the disposal of solid waste could affect San Jon rather markedly in a negative and expensive manner.
“We’re afraid that the county residents are going to come into town and use our dumpsters,” said Rose. “We’re afraid we’re going to get more trash.”

In fact, Rose said she nor most of the village resident mind the county residents sharing their trash that much as long as they pay for the right to do it. “If they pay, we can set aside a dumpster for them,” said Rose. “Non-paying county residents who use them will be fined, though.”
Rose said the village has organized a meeting Tuesday evening, Oct. 12 to discuss the matter. The city administrator said the meeting at the San Jon Community Center will give everyone a chance to learn what is on tap and what the costs and fines will be.

At this time professional solid waste hauler Ray Gorman has a contract with the Village of San Jon to handle its trash, and he said a number of Quay County residents have also signed contracts to have his firm haul their trash also.
Rose said she anticipates the cost for will be around $12.50 per household per month for the use of a dumpster, but also said “commercial rates would be dependent on the quantity of solid waste anticipated.” Dumpsters would be emptied weekly.

Rose said any county or village residents interested in finding out more about solid waste disposal in San Jon should either come to the Tuesday meeting at 7 p.m. or call her office at 576-2922.