Citizens interviewed about police

TV Hagenah

Mark Radosovich, who along with his brother, are the consultants hired to look into the situation confronting the Tucumcari Police Department said the interviews he has been conducting over the last two weeks as substantive and productive.

“I have talked to a number of different people,” said Radosovich about the interviews “and I heard a number of different points of views.” Tucumcari City Manager Richard Penrose said he has been very impressed with the job Radosovich and his brother have been doing talking to the people of Tucumcari. Penrose said the two consultants have been at the Tucumcari Convention Center interviewing anyone interested in communicating a point of view about the current situation. “I think they have been doing a very good job,” said Penrose.

The consultant said he wanted it made clear that his job was not to investigate so much as to look into the situation that exists for the city and the police department and then to make suggestions to the city commission as to what policy changes might be effective to address the problem with the police. Radosovich said he had interviewed police officers, business leaders, residents of Tucumcari and members of the city government and will return the week after next for further interviews with anyone interested.

He said the majority of the people have come by the convention center after signing up for a time slot at city hall but some have called him up on the phone and others have just shown up at the convention center to talk.
“I want to talk to anyone who wants to talk to me,” said Radosovich. Primrose said if a person wants to have an anonymous interview he sees no reason that can’t be arranged also and if they wish not to give their names he sees no reason they should.