FCE Week set up for Quay County

According to Gloria Jenkins of the Wheatland Family and Community Educators Club, October 10-18 has been designated FCE Week. Jenkins said there are five FCE clubs in Quay County, at Conchas Dam, in Forrest, in Logan, in Tabosa and Wheatland. Jenkins said each club has its own meetings and programs and “specific interests and activities”.

Still she said, “All five clubs work together to promote many local events including the Quay County Fair in August.”
She pointed out programs that the different FCE clubs often deal with include such subjects as sugar free diets, arthritis, sleep disorders and diabetes prevention. Jenkins said through the years members have promoted such issues as public health services, reading programs, general tax support for Bookmobile service. She said such areas as violence on television, baby care, aging and leadership development have all been addressed by the clubs.