Melrose stops San Jon, 64-0

William Thompson

Nothing seemed to go right for the San Jon Coyotes football team Friday afternoon. The top-ranked Melrose Buffaloes scored 40 points in the first quarter on their way to a 64-0 victory in a game that was called at the end of the first half.
Even worse for San Jon was when both Trey Rusk and Jason Bell left the game early with injuries. Word is still out as to whether the two starters will return for next week’s game.

After the game, San Jon’s Coach, Eric Rivera, said he was ready to put the game behind him. “Melrose is thirty years ahead of us,” said Rivera. “They are above everybody else. If we win our next two games against Logan and Floyd we can still make the playoffs. We have to look forward to the next game,” he said. “I still have faith in these kids.”

Rivera liked that Albert Hood caught some passes and Justin Lancaster ran the ball well even when the game was out of reach. Abel Cullum stepped in to replace the injured Rusk at quarterback. “Abel Cullum never quit,” said Rivera.

A large contingent of San Jon fans were on hand offering support to their team even as the Melrose running backs were racing down the sidelines for 50-yard touchdowns.
Late in the game the Coyote players were still yelling encouragement to their teammates. The San Jon offense drove the ball down near the goal line with seconds left but were unable to score as time ran out.