Museum getting makeover

TV Hagenah

Some Tucumcari Historical Museum displays stored away for years and years will once again see the light of day and others that have been relegated to relatively nondescript locations will be placed in featured positions said Historical Museum Director Bruce Nutt during a reorganization of the Museum’s displays recently.

“Bringing new ones out and putting others away and placing still others in places of honor keeps the museum fresh and keeps the interest up for those who come back to our museum,” said Nutt about the shifting around of displays.
Nutt said he realizes that many people take a bit of a proprietary attitude about any public building and it is especially true at art galleries or museums because they have developed bonds to specific displays because something “speaks” to them about a specific piece or display.

Still, Nutt said there are many other displays that have been locked away and need to see the light of day that others might develop a tie to also. “I guess you could say they just need to be displayed,” said Nutt about the new subjects on display.

Duane Moore, the president of the area historical institute said the shifting of displays will also make the museum a bit more visually attractive. “It will make it look nicer, I think,” said Moore about the changes. “We’re still have quite a bit to do though.

Another shift that Nutt said needed to be done was moving the Herman and Beatrice Moncus collection from the main museum building to the annex next to the main building which he had been thinking about doing for some time.
“I mean, after all,” said Nutt. “it is the Moncus Annex. It is where they should be. They were the guiding light behind this museum for so many years they deserve to be in a place of honor.”

The Moncus Collection will be in the west end of the annex.
One of the new sections going in at the museum will be a section featuring photographs and memorabilia from the time when the television show Rawhide staring Clint Eastwood, Eric Fleming and Sheb Woolly was filmed in Quay County.