Parties gear up for Nov. election

William Thompson

Members of the Quay County Republican Party and the Quay County Democratic Party are busy calling potential voters to gauge voter interest and persuade voters as the Nov. 2 election looms.

Ron Wilmot, Chairman of the Quay County Democratic Party said Kerry-Edwards yard signs are on the way to the area.
“We should be getting some yard signs in this weekend,” said Wilmot. “It looks like it’s going to be a tight race in Quay county for the presidential election.” Wilmot said New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman should be coming to Tucumcari in the near future. “Senator Bingaman should be here next Tuesday. We have tentatively scheduled a luncheon at the Holiday Inn,” said Wilmot. “Senator Bingaman will be campaigning for John Kerry, Bob Frost and City Commissioner Jeff Lewalling.”

Bettie Ditto, a life-long Republican and current city commissioner said she went to Clovis recently to see Laura Bush.“Things are looking up for Republicans,” said Ditto. “Mew Mexico used to be so Democratic but I’m hopeful more voters are swinging to the Republican side. George Bush has visited New Mexico four times this campaign season.”

Ditto said the Quay County Republican Party will soon have calling teams ringing up area voters. “We will be calling people trying to get the vote out,” said Ditto. “I recently participated in a Quay County poll in which we called people to see who they were planning on voting for. It appeared to me that George Bush has a strong position in Quay County.”
Ron Wilmot said that if people want job growth they should look to John Kerry to lead the nation.

“There have been less jobs and less job growth since the last Democratic administration in the White House,” said Wilmot. “People are worried about jobs, and they are worried that the draft could be an issue next year if George Bush is reelected.”

Ditto begged to differ as to whether a Kerry administration would create more jobs. “The president does not provide the jobs. The entrepreneurs provide the jobs,” said Ditto, “and John Kerry, by showing the world a nation divided is hurting our troops in Iraq.” Wilmot said about half a dozen Democratic party members in Quay County have been talking to residents by phone. “Most of the people are listening to me,” he said. “The polls are showing that the race is neck-and-neck. “We are encouraging people to vote for John Kerry, Bob Frost and Jeff Lewalling. We are also encouraging them to vote early by going to the Quay County Clerk’s office.

Early voting ends Oct. 30 at 6 p.m. In local races City Commissioner Jeff Lewalling is running against Republican Bill Curry and Bob Frost is running against incumbent Republican state senator Clinton Harden.