St. Anne’s holds church retreat

TV Hagenah

St. Anne’s Catholic Church will be holding a “Weekend of Christian Living” retreat Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 23-24 at Hammond Hall in Tucumcari.

According to the event coordinator, Clara Rey, the purpose of the activity is to reaffirm religious ties within believers.
“It’s a Catholic faith-based retreat,” said Rey about the purpose of the retreat. “We are taking time away from the hustle and bustle of the world for a Christ-centered weekend.”

Claude Peterson, who will be one of the team leaders at the weekend said the retreat has been a part of the parish scene for roughly 20 years although it has not been done for about five years. “It’s a chance to share our faith and learn more about the church,” said Peterson. “It also gives us a chance to build bonds in the parish community. It helps us understand more what the church and learn how to live life according to church teachings.”

Rey said several different people will be taking part in the retreat which will be taking place during the day on both the Oct. 23 and 24. She said that unlike retreats for younger parishioners, those taking part in the retreat will not be expected to stay over night at Hammond Hall. Some of those taking part in the retreat will be team leaders Claude and Fran Peterson, faith director Bob Welch and Spiritual Director Father Leon Padget.

“Many of the people who participate in the retreat,” said Peterson, “end up joining the team for the following year as speakers or facilitators or working in the kitchen or doing something else. That’s one of the effects of the retreat. It helps create a bond with people.”

Rey said preregistration forms may be obtained at the St. Anne’s Parish Office at 306 W. High Street. Registration will be at 8 a.m. at Hammond Hall with the opening prayer at 8:30. The cost for the retreat is $10 per person. For more information call: 461-2152 or 461-3319 after 5 p.m.