Show to display 150 Quilts

TV Hagenah

Little more than a generation ago, quilting was just a craft something that a person did to make a bed look a bit better, but it has become more than that and nowhere is that change of what quilting has become more evident than Tucumcari’s 2004 Quay-Z Quilters Quilt Show which will run through Sunday at 4 p.m..

Over 150 different quilts are on display at the show being held at the Exhibit Center of the Quay County Fairground just off Camino de Coronado. The styles range from the childish with three-dimentional butterflies scampering across the surface of the quilt to the almost R-rated with the view of a nude woman.

“We have all sizes, shapes and subjects imaginable,” said Carolyn Sumruld about the quilt show which Sumruld and fellow quilter Barbara Collins admit is scaled down a bit this year to the 150 number that are being displayed.
“I guess you could call this a mini-show,” said Collins pointing out that next year’s show will be roughly twice the size of the 2004 one. While the show may be somewhat smaller than previous shows not so all of the quilts on display to those coming by the exhibit center. In fact Collins has a quilt on display that measures 10 feet by 11 feet. “That comes out to about 10,000 square inches,” said Collins.

The smallest at the show measures 10 inches by 10 inches. The themes of the works are as varied as the sizes. There are cartoonish themes, patriotic themes, religious themes and even Route 66 themed quilts.
“We have all kinds,” said Sumruld. Some of the special activities and displays include international quilts, antique quilts and a quilt up for raffle. According to the organizers, there will also be classes available throughout the show such as how to make radiant star quilts, how to make quick tube quilts and how to make fabric bowls. “That’s very in right now,” said Collins about fabric bowls.