County commission candidates speak out

TV Hagenah

This general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2, there are two area contests taking place. One is for state senator between incumbent Republican Senator Clinton Harden of Clovis and challenger Democrat Bob Frost of San Jon.

The other contest is for the Quay County Commission seat for District 2 between incumbent Democrat Jeff Lewalling and Challenger Republican Billy R. “Bill” Curry.

The Quay County Sun has asked each of the candidates to answer five questions which were written by our staff. We feel the answers to these questions might help voters understand a bit more about each individual running for office.

We will have Curry and Lewalling responding today and we will have Frost and Harden respond next week.
We encourage all registered voters to vote. Voters may vote on the designated election day or they may chose to vote early at the office of the Quay County Clerk in the Quay County Court House.