Library gets new sign

TV Hagenah

After over three years of waiting, the Tucumcari Public Library has a new sign and the librarians say they couldn’t be more pleased with it.

“I think it is just wonderful,” said Librarian Mary Ann Molinas about the sign installed Thursday morning. “I think it is gorgeous.” In fact, the sign is not exactly the one that they had been promised three years ago. According to Molinas the original plan was for the library to receive the sign the Tucumcari Convention Center used to use but no longer does because it has been replaced by another.

At the time the people at the library thought they would be getting it soon, especially since they had received a gift from Altrusa to help them with the purchase.
What slowed the process up, however, was the expense of transporting the electronic sign capable of showing time, temperatures and different activities. “Some of the estimates on moving the sign were well over $3,000,” said Molinas, “and we didn’t have that kind of money.”

For that reason the project was put on hold for three years.
It was not until earlier this summer that the library administration met with Tucumcari artists Doug and Sharon Quarles and Tom Windham, who offered to do a sign within the library’s Altrusa gift. “Honestly,” said Quarles, “this was fun. It’s not something we usually do, but it’s something the library and town needed so we dove in.”

Fellow artist Windham, who not only helped design and paint the sign but also helped to install it, said he enjoyed the task also. The trio of artists designed the library’s name, added flourishes, and then painted a row of books at the bottom sign using their own names as authors of a few of the books in lieu of signing the work. Windham said the book that bears his name will soon be a fact in the library since he is in the process of illustrating a book on dinosaurs which when finished will be donated to the library.