Weather hurts rodeo team

Mother Nature dealt a tough hand to the Mesalands Community College Rodeo Team this week as they traveled to Vernon, Texas to compete after a week of very little practice due to the wet weather.
The only person able to make a close showing in the long round was Ray Ballard who finished in 16th place in the long round for Calf Roping in a field of 120 ropers.
“We saw a good example of the need for practice at Vernon,” said Coach Danny Garcia.
Rainy weather has made the rodeo arena too muddy to hold the usual daily practices. He is optimistic about the next competition that will be at Lubbock, Nov. 18-20.
“I hope things improve so we can get the practice we need to be more competitive,” said Garcia.
“It’s no different than having a basketball team with no gymnasium to practice in,” he added.