Does collect to fight MS

TV Hagenah

According to Jessica Braziel, the local Order of Does are going all out to combat Multiple Sclerosis this year.
Braziel, the secretary of the local Does organization, said her group will be raising money during the week of October 17 throughout the area.

“One of our big activities is to raise money for M.S. Some Does will be going door to door,” said Braziel, “and we will have places where you can donate at a number of area businesses.” The Does secretary said the containers at the businesses will be marked with the logo of “To be and angel and give to Pennies from Heaven.”

Braziel said that MS is a disease that hit very close to home and that is one of the many reasons that the Does have helped raise money for it for 15 years. “There are people right here in Tucumcari with MS,” said Braziel. “There area number of Women with M.S. here. I have several friends with it.” Braziel said one of the best things about the way the fund raising for M.S. functions is that all of the money raised in the fund raising drive stays in New Mexico.