Senate race Bob Frost

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Bob Frost

1. What makes the district special to you?
1. District 7 is special to me because it is “home”. That may seem to be too simple of an answer but when I started my family and my business, I chose to locate in Eastern New Mexico. This decision was made because of the people, the land and the diversity that it offered. As I have traveled District 7 recently. It because even more apparent that I made a good choice. The people are great. There isn’t a more beautiful place in the country. Eastern New Mexico is full of opportunity and I’m proud to call it “home.”

2. What do you see as the future of North Eastern New Mexico?
2. There is an old saying, “Make hay while the sun shines.” The sun is shining brightly over North Eastern New Mexico today. Our future is our children, our natural resources and our leadership. It’s through leadership with a direction that Eastern New Mexico will grow and prosper. Whether you’re gathering cattle with your neighbor, preparing a field for planting or working on health care or education issues in Santa Fe, you must have a plan and a direction. I believe the citizens of Eastern New Mexico are capable of giving that direction. Our future lies in our hands. Working together, we can redraw the map to insure that all New Mexicans remember there is a North Eastern part of the great state of New Mexico.

3. What do you see as the problems facing Quay County?
3. If I answer by saying we have many problems to address, it may sound like Quay County needs fixing. The fact is Quay county is much like all rural communities. When you put people together, problems arise. We must look at things like existing water conservation, a replenishing water supply for the future as well as solid waste. Educating our children with a tendency in government to decrease revenue while mandating programs is a problem. Growth of our communities is a problem whether it is a lack of or the controlling of what is happening.

4. How can you assist in solving these problems?
4. What I would like to offer is a common sense approach to being Senator for District 7. I can’t go to Santa Fe and represent our District without first knowing what it is the citizens of the district expect. I have been traveling the district listening and learning. The fact is that every citizen and every community holds a piece of the puzzle that makes up our future. We must work together with open minds and with open agendas to meet the needs of our district. I will provide the no-nonsense leadership that is required to insure that our puzzle comes together. Remembering while I work that if any portion of the puzzle is left out then the puzzle is not complete and my job is not done.

5. Why are you better suited for the position than your opponent?
5. I believe that my experience in the school of hard knocks helps me to better understand the struggles, needs and concerns of the citizens of North Eastern New Mexico. I have strived to preserve a way of life for my family and me. Finding that the best way to control your future is to get in the middle of it. As my children were going through school, I took an active part in the system as a school board member. As the cattle industry struggled through difficult times, I became active in the New Mexico Cattle Growers, serving as president and spending many days in Santa Fe working for the industry. I served as a superintendent at the New Mexico State Fair for many years and I am presently serving by appointment on the New Mexico State Fair Commission. I’m once again serving on the San Jon School Board, playing an active role in my grandchildren’s education. I believe that our representatives in Santa Fe need to understand the people of the district and I do. I am ready to stand firm through the tough issues with no prior agenda.