Senate race Clinton Harden

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Clinton Harden

1. What is it that makes this senatorial district special to you?
1. This senatorial district is special to me for many reasons, and first and foremost, it is special because of the resilient people who live here. I am proud to represent them. The quality of life we have in Eastern and Northeastern rural New Mexico is found nowhere else. This district is special because of the scenic by-ways, clean air, open spaces and our potential for job creation. And who doesn’t appreciate and enjoy the sense of freedom and independence that permeates this region of New Mexico? I know why the Harden family has made Eastern New Mexico its home since the early 1900s. I am sure they are the same reasons you make it your home.

2. What do you see as the future of Northeastern New Mexico?
2. The future of Northeastern New Mexico is solid. It is as promising as our willingness to work together as a region to preserve and improve our quality of life. So far, we have worked together to build a strong foundation with regional water planning and water projects that are on the cutting edge of water conservation technology. Together, we are creating exciting economic development projects in every county of the region that are so critical for job creation. Hand in hand, our local school boards and all those who work together with them continue to meet and exceed performance measures in our schools. So you can see, our future is optimistic because will are working together. And together, we will overcome our challenges.

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Quay County at this time?
3. The biggest challenge facing Quay County at this time is job creation and job retention. Our quality of life in Quay County is dependent upon the economic health of the county. While the prescription for that economic health is job creation and retention, success depends on solving problems similar in other rural counties: quality roads, water, health care, and the training and education of our work force. During the eight years I served on Governor Gary Johnson’s cabinet as his Secretary of Labor, I saw time and time again the importance of a well trained and educated work force as fundamental to economic growth.

4. How would you go about assisting to solve this problem?
4. Job creation is a private sector function and not the function of government, however, government can play a huge role by ensuring that regulations and laws are business-friendly. We need to ensure that the tax structure is fair and equitable to businesses as well as their employees. Government’s role is also to ensure community based infrastructure is in place, infrastructure such as roads, airports and community colleges. Therefore, I can assist as I have done in the past. I will continue to support and promote business-friendly legislation; I will support no tax increases, and I will continue to support appropriations through the capital outlay process for improvements to our infrastructure and more funding for our vocational community colleges.

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponent?
5. I am better suited for this position than my opponent because of my experience and my qualifications. They truly matter as a state senator. I am the only candidate who has worked for both the executive and the legislative branches of government. During my ten years of public service experience, I have learned the process and have gotten to know the people who serve this state, both Republicans and Democrats. I have learned how the system works and therefore know how to make it work for you and your families.