Logan stops San Jon in season finale

TV Hagenah

SAN JON – In the final regular season game for both arch-rivals in the “A” division, San Jon and Logan met for the last time in volleyball in San Jon Thursday evening.

“It was a good game,” said San Jon Volleyball Coach A.J. Laird. “but Logan is just a very good team and tonight they were just too good for us.”

Logan won the Thursday contest 25-12, 25-18, 25-14.
According to Logan Assistant Volleyball Coach Christina Tompkins, a number of different girls contributed to the overall win. “We did start a little slow,” said Tompkins about the game, “but we did have a great serving game and that helped a lot.”

Laird agreed that a good portion of the win came from the solid serving of the Longhorns. “Their serving was awesome,” said Laird about the games. In fact, Logan won points on 15 different aces in the three games that it took them to win Thursday. Tompkins also pointed to the kills by Logan Longhorn players like Raynee Rocker and Renee Sanders. She further pointed to the assists of Kelsey Ayres and Bretta Smith whom she said were an important part of the win.

Laird, on her part, said that she had a number of stand-outs also. She pointed especially to Dannielle Lee and Nicole Martinez who came up with important blocks at crucial points in the three games of the match.