San Jon revival begins Sunday evening

TV Hagenah

SAN JON – The San Jon Assembly of God Church will be holding a revival beginning Sunday Oct. 31 and running through Wednesday, Nov. 3.

And according to one of the organizers of the event, everyone involved is looking forward to it kicking off on Sunday with featured ministers Glen and Barbara Haddock.
“Their message is just awesome,” said Ragland. “I think everybody will come away with so much. They are awesome.” Ragland said that much of the message that they share with those that come to the revival comes from their own lives especially the part where the two of them were almost killed in a traffic accident. “They didn’t think Barbara was going to make it to the hospital,” said Ragland, “and they said that Glen would never walk again.”

Barbara and Glen are now ministers in Tehlequah Okla. who say they are anticipating coming to San Jon.
“I’m looking forward to it,” said Barbara Haddock, “well because I just love people. I’ve look forward to it for several years. The last time we were going to come we couldn’t.”
She explained there had been a death in the family which conflicted with the San Jon revival. “It just wasn’t in the Lord’s plan,” said Haddock. Haddock said she and her husband will be in San Jon sharing their message for the four days of the revival and she is looking forward to seeing many new people. “I’m hoping that a lot of sinners will be coming in,” said Haddock, “and be sure I want to see sinners saved.”