Mother Road Rally set for June 17

William Thompson

Organizers are already busy planning for the second annual Mother Road Rally, set to take place at the Quay County Fairgrounds June 17-19. Lynn Hudson, committee chairperson for the Mother Road Rally board, said the board is meeting formally every other week.

“Community members can contact one of the board members and ask to be placed on the agenda of a meeting,” said Hudson. “Right now we have some operating capital, but we do need to raise more money.”
Hudson said board members will be meeting face to face with area business leaders.

“We will be contacting businesses to discuss fund raising ideas,” she said. “Our goal is to create a small brochure that can be mailed out to potential attendees. The brochure will have directions to Tucumcari, information on motels and the rally’s schedule of events. We hope to create a larger brochure for attendees when they arrive for the rally.”
For now, Hudson said minor changes have been discussed for next June’s rally. “The rally will probably begin around noon on Friday June 17,” she said. “We are also considering changing the location of the rally’s vendors. We are asking for input from members of the community.”
Hodges said entertainment acts have already been contacted.

“We hope to have a demolition derby again,” she said. “We will have poker runs and we will also be giving away a motorcycle again.”
Last year’s rally did not attract the number of visitors organizers had hoped for. Still, organizers were able to give money to the city of Tucumcari that will go towards the restoration of Five Mile Park on the west side of town.
“We were able to give $7,000 to the city,” said Hudson, “ and the goal of the rally is to continue to raise money for Five Mile Park.”

Tucumcari City Clerk Rachel Hicklin is the president of the Mother Road Rally Board. “I was asked to be on the board,” said Hicklin. “I have an interest in bringing something to the community that will benefit the community as a whole. We don’t know exactly how much money it will take to restore Five Mile Park, but we are happy to be doing our part. We are on schedule with our planning for the rally.”

Hudson said the rally plans continue to unfold.
“We learned a lot of things from last year’s rally,” she said. “We will refine our ideas so they will work better.”
In addition to Hodges and Hicklin, other board members who would like to hear from the community are Bob ‘R.W.’ Ciolli, Randy Block, and Rose Whitener and Jim Hudson.