Candidates look at last four days

TV Hagenah

Quay County’s one true contested election for the county commissioner seat for District 3 is entering into the last three days before election day and the two candidates for the position are going into the final stretch in completely different fashions.

Incumbent Democrat Jeff Lewalling said he will be campaigning up until the last minute while his opponent Republican Challenger Bill Curry said he will be “taking it easy” for the last four days of what could be campaigning.
Lewalling said he has already reserved a booth at the Red Ribbon carnival for Saturday evening. In addition he will be going to all of the different places that people might be so he can interact with them.

“I’ll be at Lowe’s Grocery, and both dollar stores and I’ll probably go by both Alco and K-Mart,” said Lewalling.
Lewalling also said he would be going around to many of the rural parts of the district and visiting and letting his message be heard. “I’m also going to go up on the Caprock around House and Wheatland and make sure my signs are still up,” said the Democratic incumbent, “and so some visiting too.”

Curry on his part said he felt the election was at a point it could be left to the voters to decide what to do.
“It think the voters probably want a breather from all the campaigning,” said Curry. “I’m going to give it to them.”
In fact Curry plans to take a full step back from the politicking that has been involved with for a number of months.
“Really,” said Curry. “I don’t think I’ll do any more campaigning. I’ve probably done all the hand shaking I’m going to do. If they haven’t decided by now, they’re probably not going to.”

Lewalling said that he even plans to find out which of his supporters will be needing rides to their polling place and providing them with those rides.
“I’ll be going until the polls close Tuesday and probably for a while after that,” said Lewalling.