Election provides tight local races

TV Hagenah

While George Bush walked away with the presidential votes in Quay County, 2651 to John Kerry’s 1420, the local races still managed to maintain their own suspense as the county commission election for District 2 went down to the absentee vote count which came at the end of the evening.
When it was counted, the seat on the Quay County Commission went to Republican challenger Billy R. “Bill” Curry. with 725 votes to Democratic incumbent Jeffrey L. Lewalling’s 672.

Curry said he was still stunned by his win.
“I’m not really sure what to say,” said Curry about his win. “I certainly want to than the people who campaigned for me. I believe I do have something to offer this county and I feel I can lead it to a positive and productive future. I can’t thank the voters enough.”

Local Republican part head Albert “Scooter” Mitchell said he was impressed with both the local races and with the national races and how Quay County fitted into the over all situation. “I am very happy with most of the results here tonight,” said Mitchell about the Quay County votes.

The other truly contested vote that involved a person from Quay County was the contest for state senator that pitted San Jon Democratic challenger Bob Frost of San Jon against Republican incumbent Clinton Harden from Clovis. Frost defeated Harden by very similar numbers to what Bush defeated Kerry in the county winning 2692 to Harden’s 1354. So close was the race It was not until late Wednesday after all the precincts were in that Haden was declared the winner by the thinest of margins.

U.S. House of Representatives
Dem. Tom Udall 2605
Rep. Gregory M. Tucker 1433
NM Supreme Court
Dem. Edward Chavez 2605
Rep. Ned Fuller 1433
NM Court of Appeals
Rep. Paul Barber 1984
Dem. Michael Vigil 1913
State Representative
Rep. Brian Moore 2878
District Attorney
Dem. Ronald Reeves 2788
Public Education Commissioner
Rep. Dennis Roch 2541
Dist. 1 County Commissioner
Dem. Grace Madrid 880
County Clerk
Dem. Ellen White 3132
County Treasurer
Dem. Nadine Angel 3049
Const. Amend 3 For 1820
Against 1403
Const. Amend. 4 – For 2383
Against 1033
Const. Amend. 5 – For 2064
Against 1209
Bond Ques. A. – For 1697
Against 1568
Bond Ques. B. – For 1589
Against 1661
Bond Ques. C. – For 1478
Against 1794
Bond Ques. D – For 1689
Against 1592