City building new water tank

TV Hagenah

An $800,000 Community Development Block Grant is being used by the city of Tucumcari to construct Tucumcari’s newest water tank on the corner of Railroad and Fourth, according to Tucumcari Development Officer Doug Powers.
Powers said work is already in high gear on construction of the “state of the art” water tank.

“Oh, yeah, I think it is the best tank on the market,” said Powers. “We think this is the best product out there – the best for the city and for the citizens.”

Powers said a number of different elements of the tank’s construction account for its quality. He said the tank not only is built in “bands” which makes it expandable, but it also has a special glass lining which will help the tank last longer by cutting down on deterioriation which can happen when water comes into contact with metal Powers said that esentially the new tank will double the amount of water available to the city. In addition, the new tank will let the city make improvements on the old tank which he said is a “definite positive.”

“This is really needed,” said Powers.
Powers said that in addition to purchasing the tank, the grant will help in building a new pump station for the city.
Powers said some of the equipment in the pump house dates back as many as 60 years. “It’s good equipment,” said Powers, “but when we need to replace or repair anything, it has to be created because the parts are unavailable.”