Freak accident claims man’s life

William Thompson

The owner of the Country Inn Motel on West Route 66 died from injuries suffered in a bizarre parking lot accident at the motel Wednesday morning.

Lt. Charles Newman of Tucumcari Police Department said the motel owner, William Pangburn, was struck by a vehicle driven by Jimmy L. Ingram, Sr. “Mr. Pangburn was painting parking lot stripes in the motel parking lot when Mr. Ingram tried to pull into a parking space,” said Newman. “Mr. Ingram thought he struck a paint bucket and pulled out of the space. He apparently didn’t know that he had struck Mr. Pangburn, and dragged him a good distance through the parking lot.”

Newman said no foul play is suspected at this time. “We’re pretty sure it was an accident,” said Newman. “If it was an accident, charges against the driver could still be filed pending our discussions with the district attorney.”

Karissa Brasheare, Pangburn’s step-daughter, flew in from Seattle and was at the Country Inn Thursday. She said the family is grieving. “It’s really bad for us,” said Brasheare. “His wife is surviving but she isn’t doing too well emotionally.” Brasheare said that Ingram was a tenant of the motel. “He’s supposed to be moving out tonight (Thursday),” she said. Brasheare said she thinks it odd that Ingram’s vehicle dragged Pangburn such a great distance.
“He dragged my step-father about 100 feet through the parking lot,” she said.”

Ingram could not be reached for comment. Brasheare said her step-father was pronounced dead at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday at Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital. “He was a very loving man and a very hard-working man,” she said. “He painted this whole motel by hand. He had a lot of friends in this town.”

Newman is leading the investigation with assistance from medical investigators.