Nine named as ‘Artists in Annex’

TV Hagenah

For the most part in the past when the “Artist in the Annex,” was chosen to show his or her art work in the annex of the Tucumcari Historical Museum, it was a single individual or possibly a husband and wife team., but according to the museum’s director Bruce Nutt, the museum decided to go a complete different direction in November.

They didn’t choose one or two people. They chose an nine. They chose a group of artists who have been working with local artists Doug and Sharon Quarles in perfecting some of their artistic techniques especially in milieu of acrylics.
“We knew it was a bit different,” said Nutt about the choice of so many people for their artist of the month to be honored, “but we felt it would be a good way to kick off the season.”

The group of women, some experienced artists and others “not quite so experienced,” gather in the Quarles’ studio each Tuesday evening and work on a painting using the medium of acrylics. Each, however has been painting the same subject. “That’s one of the reasons that we thought this would be such a unique show,” said Nutt. “Each of these artists painted the same subject, so we (the people coming to view the show) will see their different take on the subject. I think it will be quite interesting.”

Sharon Quarles said that number of the “Tuesday evening artists” will also be bringing other works to the show that they have created, “both prior to and since they worked with Doug,” said Sharon. Doug Quarles said the shift to Acrylic for some of the women he has been working with has been extremely hard. “They’re not used to it – not used to its unique properties,” said Quarles. “Most of them have been working in watercolor or oil and this is a great deal different.
Both of the Quarles think the November concept of dealing with a number of artist is a very good one since it gives relatively unknown artists a “chance to shine” which could lead to “bigger and better things in art.”

“I think some of these people could be having her own show in the not too distant future,” said Quarles. Being honored as Artist in the Annex are Mary Potter, Beth Parmer, Tella Davis, Sheri Morper, Candi Hutchins, Betty Boatman, Phyllis Miller Theo Lafferty and Loraine Bell in addition to the Quarles.