FCCLA members learn to teach

William Thompson

In a collaborative venture between New Mexico State University’s Extension Service and the Tucumcari High School chapter of Family Career and Community Leaders of America, nine high school students will be teaching third graders about nutrition.

The program, entitled, “Eat Smart, Play Hard,” involves three groups of three Tucucmari High School students that take turns visiting third grade classrooms at Tucumcari Elementary School. Katrina Hayes, of the extension service, helped three students teach a third grade class about healthy snacks last week. “I had the three students show the third graders how to make a “pyramid” snack based on the food pyramid,” said Hayes. The students showed the third graders how to layer graham crackers, yogurt, raisins and sunflower seeds into a healthy snack.”

The FCCLA members will have several sessions in the classrooms with Hayes, but will eventually teach a one-hour class to the third graders by themselves.
Hayes said the FCCLA members will be able to document their teaching session and use that documentation as part of a presentation later in the year during their FCCLA competition.

The “Eat Smart, Play Hard” program lasts through Dec. 8.