Police evaluation presented Thursday

TV Hagenah

After two months of examination and review, the consulting firm of MBR Consulting told the Tucumcari City Commission and those that were present Thursday evening at city hall for a special work session the shape of the Tucumcari Police Department as they perceived it.

According to Mark Radosevich, the senior partner in MBR Consulting, in a seven page report, overall the police department in Tucumcari is not in as bad shape as many in the community might have thought, but still, he points out, there are improvements that need to be made.
In general comments, Radosevich said there were a handful of basic points he felt were worth mentioning.
He said the police department has “strong organizational capabilities, appropriate funding, a strong infrastructure and qualified staff.”

With that in mind he listed five points which he felt were key to his observations.

•”There were instances of police activities that could have been planned, managed, and reviewed in a different manner that might have resulted in a more positive response by the community.”

• “In those isolated instances when members of the public and complaints against Tucumcari Police Department employees and had the existing policies been followed a more productive and trusting relationship might exist.”

• “The specific disregard of Directed Patrol Activities policy requirements has contributed to public complaints, diminished public confidence, reduced operational effectiveness and safety issues.”

• “The majority of the findings in this report are related to a lack of compliance with existing policies or procedures.”
In his firm’s report he went into a number directions reviewing: existing policies and procedures, hiring procedures for police personnel, evidence procedures, departmental equipmental inventories, purchasing policies, police department training and certification records.
Radsoveich also said he interviewed community members concerning their interaction with the police department. He also interviewed police department personnel to determine compliance with policies.

For each, he established a set of recommendations.
Recommendations ranged from a more careful following of existing rules, better acknowledgement of chain of command to improved training.