Additional vaccine reaches county

TV Hagenah

Dee Reed of the Quay County Public Health Office announced Friday that the public health office had received flu vaccine for “at risk” adults and it has already been distributed to the different physician’s offices in the county.
“At this time,” said Reed, “the public health office will not be giving flue shots for adults. We will, however, be giving flu shots to at risk children 24 months through 18 years old, and all children regardless of risk factors who are six months through 23 months old.”

Reed said if individuals have any questions about risk factors or want to get a child vaccinated they should call their physicians or the public health office at 461-2610.
The county health department is a division of the New Mexico Department of health. Reed defined at risk children as children with “long-term health problems such as: heart disease, kidney disease, lung diseases such asthma, metabolic diseases like diabetes, blood disorders like anemia or a weakened immune system.

Reed said it is important to remember that the vaccine is only for “at risk” individuals and healthy individuals below 65 should try to make it through the flu season without the vaccine. “It’s a public health order,” said Reed about limiting the vaccine to just those at risk, “put out by the governor that only at risk people be allowed to have the vaccine.”

At risk adults include anyone over 65, people with long-term health problems like asthma, diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, anemia, or lung problems, pregnant women, anyone living in a nursing home or long-term-care facility, as well as any health-care worker.