Hospital hires new administrator

TV Hagenah

Just a month after popular Dr. Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital Administrator Hoyt Skateblund left Tucumcari, a new administrator for the hospital has been hired for the Tucumcari facility.

David Bailey of Monticello, Ind. will be taking command of the Tucumcari hospital at the beginning of January, said D. Rush who has been serving as interim administrator for the hospital since the Skateblund’s leaving. “I think he is a very good match for this hospital,” said Rush about the new administrator. “He is very excited about coming to Tucumcari and I think he will do a good job.”

Bailey, on his part, said he was indeed excited about getting a chance to be the hospital administrator in Tucumcari. Much of the excitement draws from relative smallness of the community. “We (his wife and he) wanted a small town assignment and when Tucumcari became available it just seemed so perfect for us,” said Bailey. “We’re small town people. This is an excellent hospital and it will be a privilege to come to Tucumcari.”

The new administrator said while he has only seen Tucumcari the one time – when he came to the community to interview for the position at the hospital, he still was enamored with it. “It just seemed like a nice friendly town – one we could fit right into.”

Bailey and his wife also have two children, ages four and five, who will be attending Tucumcari schools.
Bailey brings five years experience in hospital administration in Indiana, in addition to a Master’s degree in the field and experience in rehabilitation. In fact he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in health care administration at Kennedy Western University. Tara Bailey is working on a Masters’ degree in human resource management.
Rush said Bailey and a number of other applicants went through a battery of interviews with all levels of the hospital’s administration. “But it came down to the local board,” said Rush. “They are the ones who hired him and I think they made an excellent choice.”

Bailey said he hopes Rush’s assessment of the situation is solid. “We think this is a fantastic opportunity to live and work in a small town,” said Bailey. “The whole idea of living in a small town really appeals to us. I think we have a good future ahead of us.”