Family academy deals with school bullies

Every school has them. Students who want to establish themselves as the “boss” over everyone else on the playground. They are called bullies and they can present problems for the school’s administrators, teachers and the other students.

Mesalands Community College’s Success Center recently held an evening workshop entitled “Bullying in School” with David Crane as the presenter. Carson gave his presentation to 33 parents and children in attendance about how to avoid being the victim of bullies.

Wayne Chaddick, facilitator at the Success Center said both parents and children were given advice and had options explained when faced with a bully situation.
“Don’t let a bully make you angry to the point that you react physically,” he said. “If you let a bully push all of your ‘hot buttons,’ you may end up in trouble and have to receive counseling along with the bully.”

Parents were counseled about courses of action that can be taken when their children are being bullied.
The next Mesalands Family Academy is December 6 at 6 p.m. The topic for discussion will be “Craft your way to Family Togetherness.” For more informatiion call: 461-3379.