Mesalands gets new small business head

TV Hagenah

The new director of the Mesalands Community College Small Business Development Center, David Buchen, is, according to Mesalands Public Information Officer John Yearout, in place and already looking for ways to improve the business community of Tucumcari and surrounding areas.

Buchen, on his part, said he has already started making contacts in the community and the state and feels that he has quite a bit to contribute to both Tucumcari and Quay County. “I think there is a lot we can do here in getting new businesses going and helping existing businesses expand.”

The college’s Director of the Small Business Development Center roughly corresponds to the city’s Economic Development Director and as such has the responsibility of helping area business in a variety of ways up to and including bringing new businesses into the community.
“Often,” said Buchen who worked at the University of Wisconsin for a number of years in a similar position, “there are many things that can be done to make businesses more viable that people simply don’t know about. That’s where I come in.”

To illustrate the point, the new Tucumcari resident said when he worked with the University of Wisconsin, he worked with a roofer who had no idea how to take the next step from roofer to the head of a large firm employing a number of other roofers and because of that he was uncomfortable about making the economic jump. “So it was up to me to help him make that transition, put him in touch with groups and resources that he wasn’t familiar with,” said Buchen about the roofer who later went on to become a millionaire.

Buchen said he sees a great deal of potential in Tucumcari for expanding from small situations to larger and more profitable ones. He pointed to area crafts people and artisans that showed a great deal of promise for expansion.
Immediately before coming to Tucumcari, Buchen said he had been in Mexico near Guadalajara working with orphanages