County roads ‘a mess’

TV Hagenah

According to the County Road Supervisor Harry Heckendorn, it is official, it roads in the county are a mess because of the large amount of moisture. “It sure is nice to have the wet,” said Heckendorn, “but I don’t remember the roads ever being this bad in quite some time.”

In fact, Heckendorn said that the roads are so bad that he is unable to get out to the different roads in the county and have his crews “blade” them to help make them more passable. County Commissioners Franklin McCasland and Jeffrey Lewalling both said they are getting phone calls about the conditions of some of the rural roads and it is frustrating for them to respond that there is little that can be done at this time. “For five years we were saying it was too dry to blade the roads, and now we have to say it’s too wet.”
Heckendorn said he too has been getting calls about the roads, “but all I can say is that as soon as it gets a bit drier, we’ll be out to take care of it.”

Heckendorn said in places that some people can’t get out of their places or if they can, some are forced to park their vehicles a distances away from their houses so they won’t get stuck. “It’s bad,” said Lewalling. “That’s for sure. People are definitely having trouble getting in and out, out there.”
Heckendorn said because his crews can’t get out to some of the different roads they have been forced to doing other jobs around the county such as replacing county maintained cattle guards. “We’d like to be out working on the roads, but it simply is too wet,” said Heckendorn.

The county road supervisor said the roads will be bladed as soon as the county crews are able to reach them.
Quay County Manager Terry Turner said he has not received that many phone calls. “I’ve talked to a number of people,” said Turner, “but for the most part they aren’t really complaining. Most folks are just so pleased about the moisture. There are some places out there that are bad but they’re being pretty patient. I only received four calls about it all last week.”

He did say possibly the patience might not last, however.
“If this continues for a while, the honeymoon might be over though,” said the county manager.