Logan Village annexes south of Ute Lake

TV Hagenah

In one fell swoop the Village of Logan has increased its size by nearly one quarter. On Monday the village made it official that they would annex the property on the south side of Ute Lake thus incorporating a little over 1,000 more acres of property into the village.

According to village administrator Larry Wallin it all came about officially and legally and when the village council was approached with a petition. “We were presented with a petition saying they wanted to be part of Logan so we went with it,” said Wallin. Wallin said the petition had the signatures of 18 of the 21 property owners living in the area which would be annexed so they felt it was a clearly desired result. “They asked,” said Wallin, “and by state law we have to respond and since it was signed by a majority of the property owners we said we would annex them.”

Wallin said the annexation was good for both the village of Logan and also for the people living in the eleven residences currently located in the area annexed. “They will now have the advantages of our police patrols and village fire protection,” said Wallin.

Wallin also said the annexation would give residents in the annexed area a lower fire rating which in turn should lower insurance costs for those living there. On the village’s part, Wallin said the annexation brought 1.6 miles more of water mains and 1.8 miles of city streets into the village. He also said the existing homes will generate about $5,000 worth of taxes into the villages coffers. “That’s going to be a big help,” said the village administrator.

He pointed out that the current evaluation of the property annexed was over $2 million. In fact the annexation brought in two different subdivisions into the village one with 33 lots and the other with 41. Wallin said the tax rates of the property taxes for the property owners would take a jump. A lot currently paying around $600 would jump by almost $300.