All-District Academic listed in Volleyball

TV Hagenah

Volleyball players from throughout the class “A” schools of Quay County were named to the All District Academic lists recently. Nine volleyball players from House were listed, six were listed from Logan and five were listed from San Jon.
Listed as All-District Academic Volleyball

Lisa Chesher, Kimberly Lyons, Heather Wooldridge, Tracy Baker, Cara Hendrickson, Shannan Lane, Sara Lee, Amber Doucet and Lindsy Lee.

Kelsey Ayres, Bretta Smith, Samantha Oglesby, Renee Sanders, Tiffany Hankins and Amber Humble.

San Jon
Ja Tawn Slutz, Gabrielle Stoner, Janay Brashear, Danielle Lee and Diana Caldera.