Dog gone following accident

TV Hagenah

Dan and Wendy Walker left Greece, New York Sunday morning heading for their new home in Tucson and it was to be a pleasant move to the Arizona high desert.

All of that was literally turned upside down on Monday around 2:30 p.m. as they headed west on Interstate 40 between Tucumcari not far from it crossed Rivulto Creek. The couple said a gust of wind came up catching their rented U-haul trailer which in turn took their Dodge Durango flipping it off the interstate and the vehicle came to rest on its top.

The Walkers said everything they were carrying in addition to the pickup and trailer was “totaled”, however, the couple survived with merely cuts and bruises. Another problem arose, however. They where traveling with three golden retrievers, two of their own and one of their daughter’s, and while the three dogs all survived. Their daughter’s dog darted out of the inverted truck from the broken back window and in apparent panic, headed down the road and has not been seen since. “We don’t know what to do,” said Wendy Walker. “We’re just devastated. He’s a dog, but he’s a member of the family, too. and he is such a baby.”

Walker said the New Mexico State Police tried to catch the dog as did a number of motorists who saw the situation and stopped to help. “One young man must have chased him for two hours,” said Walker, “but Chewy was so frightened he wouldn’t stop.”

According to the couple, the state police helped the pair get set up for the night at a local motel in Tucumcari.
The Walkers said they have left flyers and talked to some area residents about their dog in hopes of finding the 120 pound animal but so far have had no luck.
We’re just so worried about Chewy,” said Walker who is now in Arizona.

The couple’s son drove from Tucson on Tuesday to pick them up along with any belongs that were left.
“I just hope someone will find him and get back to us,” said Dawn Walker, the daughter who is Chewy’s owner.
To report anything about the dog contact the Quay County Sun at (505) 461-1952.