Coyotes try new gym

William Thompson

The San Jon High School boys and girls basketball teams played their first games in their new gymnasium Tuesday. Both teams lost as the Floyd Broncos came calling. The San Jon boys lost 76-67 while the San Jon girls lost 70-41.

The Coyotes were in control most of the game, but the Broncos came on strong in the second half. Floyd shooters were missing threes in the first half, but found their mark from beyond the arc late in the game to frustrate San Jon.
San Jon Coach Richie Martinez said his Coyotes flagged a little down the stretch. “We started to coast a little in the second half,” said Martinez. “I’ll take the blame for this game though because I could have done a better job adjusting our defenses. That’s the main thing I learned tonight. I have to create another defense.”

Martinez referred to his team’s inability to stop the three-point shot late in the game.
“I kept telling our players to step out, but they kept a little too far inside,” he said.
Trey Rusk showed he is capable of scoring, even taking the game into his hands. There were times when Rusk seemed to hit everything. Jarred Archuleta and Richard Vasquez were confident bringing the ball down court, but sometimes they hurried passes for turnovers.

JaTawn Slutz led a solid first-quarter effort as the Lady Coyotes went up by six., but the Lady Broncos took control in the second quarter and never looked back.
San Jon Coach A.J. Laird said turnovers spelled defeat for her team. “You can’t have over 20 turnovers and expect to win the game,” said Laird, “We learned that we need to work on free throws also We’re going through some growing pains right now.”

Slutz appeared to be the leader on the floor with other players looking to get her the ball. Ashley Lee and Nicole Martinez looked good under the basket, both showing an ability to take shots down low and hit them. Coach Laird singled out Niki Kneitz’s defensive effort..