Woman arrested on drug charges

William Thompson

Donna Romero, 35, was arrested Saturday afternoon inside her home at 520 S. Seventh St. and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, child neglect, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police Cpl. Darrick Shaw said in his report that he found small baggies of a substance inside a tin box as six Tucumcari officers searched Romero’s residence.
“I saw a knife, straw, digital scale, and three small clear baggies with a substance I believed to be crystal methamphetamine,” Shaw said in his report.

Also in the incident report, Shaw said a young juvenile was inside the house when officers arrived. The child was released into the custody of Romero’s mother prior to the search of the premises. The child-neglect charge against Romero stems from Shaw’s assertion that the child was inside the house while alleged drug activity had taken place.
Officers also found $800 in cash inside Romero’s residence. “Other paraphernalia items were located in the room like a large torch, two packages of rolling papers and glass pipes, and several baggies with some residue,” reported Shaw.

Officers arrived at the Romero residence around 1:50 p.m. with a search warrant. According to the police incident report, Shaw said money given to a police informant was found in Romero’s residence. “I found two $20 bills in the bundle of money Cpl. Charlie Aguirre found inside a jump suit that matched serial numbers I had given the informant,” Shaw reported.

Two other women were inside the house when officers arrived. According to the report, they were searched and released. Besides Shaw and Aguirre, other officers participating in the search and arrest were Cpl. Jon Howard and Patrolmen Dennis Garcia, Jason Adams and Clay Huffman.