Charges shelved in local case

William Thompson

Jimmy L. Ingram, the man charged with harassment of a recent widow, had his case continued for six months in Quay County Magistrate Court recently.

A court document states that parties in the case agreed to dismissal of the case in six months provided Ingram has no contact with Audra Pangburn, widow of William Pangburn.
William Pangburn died Nov. 3 in an accident at the Country Inn Motel after he was struck by a vehicle driven by Ingram.
No charges have been filed against Ingram in connection with the death of Pangburn, but Ingram was arrested Nov. 12 and charged with criminal trespass and harassment of Audra Pangburn by telephone.

In addition to having no contact with the widow, Ingram must also not consume alcohol or drive as part of the conditions of the proposed dismissal. Ingram said William Pangburn’s death was a tragic accident. “I didn’t see him (Pangburn). I thought he had already moved out of the way,” Ingram said. “I would never want any harm to come to Audra or Mr. Pangburn.”

Prior to the accident, Ingram said his driving had been restricted to daylight hours due to poor vision. Ingram said his vision has since worsened and that is why he has been ordered by the court not to drive. Tucumcari police Lt. Charles Newman said charges against Ingram could still be filed. He said investigators are awaiting lab results from the Office of Medical Investigation. “The district attorney’s office will have to decide if charges will be filed against Mr. Ingram in the matter of Mr. Pangburn’s death,” Newman said. “I would say the investigation is a routine investigation.”

Quay County Deputy District Attorney Donald Schutte said it is too soon to tell whether charges will be filed.
“The matter is currently under investigation. That’s about all I can say about it,” said Schutte. “Some of these things take a long time to get compiled.”