City gets new interim chief of police

TV Hagenah

A third interim Tucumcari Chief of Police has been appointed by City Manager Richard Primrose in little more than a month.

Mark A. Radosevich of Santa Fe, the man who headed the city commission’s investigation of the Tucumcari Police Department is now the new “interim” chief of that same department. Primrose said he saw no conflict of interest in appointing the man who investigated the police force to the position of being in charge of the department. “I don’t see how it could be,” said Primrose. “he was chosen because he is familiar with the department and can help implement some of the suggestions he made in his report to the (Tucumcari) city commission.”

Primrose said the decision to hire Radosevich was presented to the officers of the department Thursday and was made “a little before that.” Radosevich said he and Primrose discussed his taking over before Thanksgiving. The new chief came into Tucumcari Thursday to take over the department beginning Friday. The Tucumcari City Manager said under city policies Radosevich could be interim chief in Tucumcari for as many as six months and further said it would be very possible that the new chief would stay that long.

Primrose said Radosevich has made it “very” clear to him that he did not want to be the permanent chief in Tucumcari.
The city manager acknowledged that when former chief Townsend resigned just before Radosevich’s report about the police department was presented to the city commission, he (Primrose) said he anticipated the search for a new chief had already begun and he anticipated it would be done quickly.

Now, however, the city manager said the city wanted to take its time and do a thorough job in searching for a permanent chief, and having Radosevich in place in the meantime would allow many of the suggestions Radosevich made in his report to be implemented. Radosevich, on his part said he saw as his first responsibility to get the department in working order and to make it more community oriented.
“I think it is an excellent opportunity to provide some technical assistance to the department,” said the new Tucumcari Chief of Police.

Radosevich said he also wanted to make the department more responsive Tucumcari as a whole than it has been in the past. “We want to get the department in step with the community,” said Radosevich. The new chief also said it was his intention to get the community more involved with the police force so as to head off misunderstandings that might arise. “We want the people of the community to see this as more their police department,” said Radosevich.
Other interim chiefs to hold the position since Townsend left the office the day before Radosevich’s findings were presented to the city commission were Albert Baca and Charles Newman.