Frost requests recount

TV Hagenah

The election for New Mexico State Senate for the northeast corner may not be over yet, despite voting and canvassing being finished.

According to Bob Frost of San Jon, the man who ran against incumbent state senator Clinton Harden for the senate seat that represents Quay County and all or parts of six other counties in the northeast portion of the state, he has decided to call for a partial recount in 11 precincts in the district he was running in. “I talked to the people that worked with me on this,” said Frost, “and we decided it would be unfair if we didn’t pursue this fully. I owe it to them to do that. They worked very hard for this.”

When the final vote was canvassed Nov. 23 following the election 21 days before, Frost had lost by 36 votes, 9,010 for Harden to 8,974 for Frost. “When it’s that close,” said Frost, “it deserves to be recounted. I don’t see any problem there.”
Frost said he has asked for a recount in seven precincts in Colfax County, three in Taos County and one in Union County. “We don’t think anyone did anything wrong,” said Frost about election workers, “it’s just that mistakes can happen, and there can be malfunctions.”

Frost said that the close number of votes, one can never be certain where discrepancies might arise. To get the recount, representatives in the New Mexico Secretary of State said Frost had to write the Secretary’s office and formally request the recount in those precincts that are being contested. “They had to set a time for each one to be done,” said Frost.

According to Denise Lamm of the secretary of state’s bureau of election office Frost specifically asked for a recount of all paper ballots: absentee, early, emergency and provisional. Lamm said Frost was the only person in the state to request a recount this year. “But,” said Lamm, “it is not unusual at all to have recounts. We have at least one every election year – any time there is a close election generally we have a recount.”