Hospice Home Tour set for Sunday

TV Hagenah

The homes and businesses that will be featured on the 2004 Helping Hands Hospice Home Tour are in the final stages of preparation for their day of presentation Sunday when those who have paid the $10 for the tour will be able to see the different homes and business specially decorated for the holidays.

Homes featured this year are the homes of Donna and Wes Stewart of 1419 W. Sunburst Dr., Ermenia Dunbar of 901 E. Turner, and the home and studio of Sharon and Doug Quarles of 4466 Route 66.
Businesses featured on the tour include Kix on Route 66 and ACE Hardware.

According to Helping Hands Hospice director of nursing Diana Beck the tour is one of the big events of the holidays in Tucumcari, and people enjoy seeing how different people decorate and arrange their houses or business.
“It’s a big fund raiser for us, said Beck of the Home Tour. “People know it goes for a good cause and it gives them a chance to see a bit more of their community.”
Beck said each year the organizers of the event try to have a different group of homes and businesses to visit in order to get a better cross section of Tucumcari.

“I think we made some good choices this year,” said Beck of the three homes and two businesses.
Sunday, between the hours of 1 and 5 p.m. individuals will go to each of the homes and businesses present their tickets to the home owner or the business manager where the ticket will be noted and then the individuals will be able to take in the atmosphere and decorations.
Following the tour between 5 and 6 p.m., the hospice will hold a special reception at Bambino’s Restaurant for those who visited the different houses and businesses.
For more information about the home tour call:487-8680

The home and studio of Doug and Sharon Quarles visits Christmas in a number of ways. The couple have six different trees in the two buildings that make up the home and studio of the two artists. The dominant tree in the house is a six-foot tall tree with a variety of artistic decorations on it. Many of the decorations were made by the two artists. The tree stands in the opposite corner from the Kiva-style fire place.
In addition, throughout the house stand and sit a number of the traditional Santa Claus figures in the Victorian style that Sharon Quarles has collected over a number of years.
Surrounding the holiday decorations throughout the house is the art work of a number of fellow area artists.
In the studio are four more Christmas trees intersperced between the art that the two artist have created or are currently working on.
The Quarles home is in the old Five-Mile Park caretaker’s house on Old Route 66 west of Tucumcari. It is the only house on the road to the turn-off for the golf course.

The home of Ermenia Dunbar takes on a Victorian aura with her decoration for Christmas as each room of her home has its own holiday personality for the Christmas season.
When one enters the living room, he or she is immediately struck with the Christmas atmosphere of the home, with decorations abounding in the living room anchored with a large procilin nativity scene on a raised coffee table so the scene is presented at eye level.
Throuthout the living room are more examples of holiday decorations with candles, plants, small santas and other decorations.
More decorations abound in the dining room, decorated to look more like a parlor than a dining room with a dominant Christmas tree, stuffed holiday toys like Teddy Bears and Victorian Santas on the floor and in chairs.
The room’s Christmas tree is the focal point and is white with decorations of gold, and white ornaments and ribbon highlighting the tree.
The Dunbar home is on the northeast corner of Choctaw and Turner two blocks north of Main.

The Christmas effect of the holiday decorations of Donna and Wes Stewart on Sunburst Dr. is one of light and openness highlighted by poinsettia plants.
Visitors don’t have to wait to get into the Stewart home to see the tour begin since they are greeted at the front door with a large wreath celebrating the season.
Immediately upon entering the living room, the visitor sees a nativity scene. The next thing noticed is the large green Christmas tree just to the left of the Nativity scene and not far from the fire place.
The visitor’s eye will then be immediately drawn to the presence of the red poinsettas that the couple have used to accent the holdiday feeling of the home with the red leafy plant in the living room, kitchen, dining room and even the bathroom which is also decorated in holiday finery.
The Stewart home is immediately south of Interstate 40 (which it faces) and can be reached by crossing the interstate on 11th Street and turning right. It is the second house approaching from the east.