Officials examine new water tank

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, the city’s newest water tank on the corner of Center and Fifth Streets was the site of a rather unique assembly. The builders of the structure held an open house for the yet unfinished tank to show members of the city government and other area officials just what is going in on the corner.

The gathered dignitaries were told that the new tank will hold 700,00 gallons of water and is made not out of metal as most water tanks have been in the past, but instead, the walls of tank are of porcelain construction and as such are stronger than metal construction would be. The builders also told the gathering that the walls of the tank were graffiti resistant , as well as being easily replaceable if the need should arise.

City officials, who said they were quite impressed with the new water tank and the technology that created it, also said they were happy with the technology that would probably have it finished by the end of next week.
“This is very impressive,” said Doug Powers, Tucumcari Community Development director as the head of the construction team explained how as each level is finished it is jacked up with hydraulic jacks and another level is started below it. “And it works so well.”

For Tucumcari City Commissioner Jim Witcher the innovation that most interested him was the porcelain construction material that had more strength than metal and the speed at which the tank was going up.
“It’s just fascinating,” said Witcher.