Students shine at science fair

Of the 311 projects in the 2004 Tucumcari Municipal Schools Science Fair, more than 60 students were awarded prizes. Mesalands donated a $20 scholarship to the student winning best of show in each grade fourth through eighth, and a four credit hour scholarship toward the winning high school student.

In the high school division, Nikki Harman won Best of Show winning the four credit hour scholarship from Mesalands. First place went to Clay Beevers, second place to Sarah Burson, and third to Autumn Moore. In the middle school division, Best of Show was awarded to sixth grader Kennetha Perkins, seventh grader Corinne Laurialt, and eighth grader Steven Gray.

Among the sixth graders, first place was awarded to Katie Lamm, Matthew Pacheco and Autumn Voss. Second place was given to Megan McKinney and Sharayah Sisneros. Third place was awarded to Adam Lopez, Lori Harman, Laura Fought and Rebecca Smith.

Corinne Laurialt was named Best of Show for seventh grade. First place was awarded to Cole Cooper, Chase Waters and Matthew Trujillo. Second place was awarded to partners Kristen Rich and Desaray Urioste, Willie Archuleta and Ivan Vasquez, and to Sami Bauler. Third place went to Dustin Hight, as well as to partners Ashlee Elevario and Haley Binkley, and Toree Gries and Krystal Montano.
Eighth grader Steven Gray was named Best of Show. First place was awarded to A.J. Trujillo, Megan Evans, and Will Bason. Second place went to partners Jacqulyn Salas and John Blockman, as well as Vivian Pacheco, and Lacy Kimbrell. Third place was given to Donny Price, partners Adrian Preto and Aric Trujillo, and also to Desiree Evans.
In the elementary division, fourth grader Kyle Dougherty and fifth grader Michelle Fazekas were each named Best of Show in their respective classes.

Among the fourth graders, first place awards were given to Dasara Garcia, Jayde Arguello, and Kelsey Gentile. Second place awards were presented to Santiago Romero, Scott Gray, Marissa Jimenez, and Brad Kostedt. Third place awards went to Kathryn Bowen, Timothy Skinner, and Corey Manning.

Among the fifth graders, first place awards went to Amber Meguire, Dominic Lopez and Nikole Roark. Second place awards were given to Gabriel Trujillo, Kyle Brockman, and Jenna Morris. Third place went to Steve Urioste, Carri Harman and Antonio Rodriguez.